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Chinese New Year Celebration

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iFest 9 Committee Chairs


Festival Chair: Belinda Ong     |

Festival Co-Chair: Melogy Ng     |

Sponsorship Chair: Michael Ayokanmbi     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: William McCauley     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Harold Cannon     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Cindy Morsi     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Jack Simon

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Kacey Swindell     |

PR/Marketing Chair: Connie Chow

PR/Marketing Co-Chair: Jim Zielinski     |>

PR/Marketing Co-Chair: Kacey Swindell     |>

Treasurer Chair: Barbara Liaw     |

Countries Chair: Michell Ross     |

Countries Co-Chair: Fabiana Cantoni     |

Performances Chair: Melogy Ng     |

Children Activities Chair: Olga Osadcii     |

Food Truck and Food Vendor Chair: Michell Ross     |

Food Truck and Food Vendor Co-Chair: Flora Johnson     |

Open Air Vendor Chair: Briseida Cardwell     |

Open Air Vendor Co-Chair: Elena Olariu     |

Volunteers Chair: Annie Matthys     |

Volunteers Co-Chair: Rebecca Brothers     |

Logistic Chair: Ron Schwertfeger     |

Logistic Co-Chair: Taylor Myers     |

Logistic Co-Chair: Karthik Vairam     |

Flags Chair: Anita Rathz     |

Signage Chair: Maria Kimpe     |

Graphic: Doug Bolden     |

Graphic: Somi Park     |

Hospitality Room Chair: Leslie Grant     |

Hospitality Room Co-Chair: Gloria Vergara     |

Hospitality Room Co-Chair: Emily Chambliss     |

UAH Logistic Support: Will Hall