Bringing Culture to You

iFest 8 Committee Chairs


Festival Chair: Belinda Ong     |

Festival Co-Chair: Melogy Ng     |

Sponsorship Chair: Julia Ott     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Michael Ayokanmbi     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: William McCauley     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Mecca Musick     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Harold Cannon     |

PR/Marketing Chair: Mecca Musick     |

PR/Marketing Co-Chair: Jim Zielinski     |

Treasurer Chair: Barbara Liaw     |

Countries Chair: Fabiana Cantoni     |

Countries Co-Chair: Elena Olariu-Leitner     |

Performances Chair: Andrew Creech     |

Performances Co-Chair: Vo Nguyen     |

Children Activities Chair: Olga Osadcii     |

Children Activities Co-Chair: Ruhi Jahanpour     |

Food Truck and Open Air Market Chair: Michell Ross     |

Food Truck and Open Air Market Co-Chair: Flora Johnson     |

Volunteers Chair: Annie Matthys     |

Volunteers Co-Chair: Drew Crane     |

Logistic Chair: Ron Schwertfeger     |

Logistic Co-Chair: Coner McKinney     |

Flags Chair: Anita Rathz     |

Signage Chair: Maria Kimpe     |

Graphic: Doug Bolden     |

Graphic: Somi Park     |

Hospitality Room Chair: Leslie Grant     |

Hospitality Room Co-Chair: Hannah McFall     |

UAH Logistic Support: Will Hall


We welcome

IFest volunteer sign up

iFest volunteer 2017

Looking for a fun, fast-paced volunteer opportunity? Become an iFest 2017 volunteer! Celebrate cultural diversity, network, and make new friends while playing an integral part in one of North Alabama’s most exciting festivals. There are volunteer positions to meet any interest and availability. To sign up, follow this link and select your shifts.

IFest volunteer sign up Here

For questions, contact Annie Matthys, iFest Volunteer Committee Chair, at: